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CDF Cartridge

 Filtration System


                                                CDF Data Sheet.pdf



Dry Dust, Fume and Smoke


Capture Approach: Ambient or Source Capture


Unit Mounting: Horizontal, ceiling, wall or I beam hung



Dry machining, grinding, sanding, deburring, laser cutting, plasma cutting, mixing, welding

and a variety of other manufacturing and process applications that generate dry contaminants.


General Design, CDF Series Collectors:

Designed specifically for dry applications, the CDF Series line of Cartridge Dust Fume collectors provide cost effective and efficient control of dry dust, fume and smoke contaminants as individual or as more complex combined forms. A number of design specific features are incorporated in these self-cleaning systems to provide system design flexibility and enhance system performance with reduced unit maintenance on dry applications.


CDF Series Collectors


AER Borne Environmental Systems CDF Series Cartridge Dust Fume Collection systems are designed to provide efficient, cost effective control of dry dust, fume and smoke contaminants generated from a variety of manufacturing and process applications. The CDF series collection systems are provided with self-cleaning, timer controlled, high energy, pulse-jet filter cleaning to minimize system maintenance and reduce filter replacement and are typically utilized for control of moderate to heavy concentrations of dry contaminants. CDF series collectors are available in two configurations, un-ducted models for general, ambient air cleaning of the plant air and ducted point source capture systems for control of contaminants at the their source.


A variety of mounting and design options are available for this powerful, efficient collection system. Units are typically ceiling, wall or I beam mounted conserving valuable floor space. A broad range of filters are available to customize the filtration system for a wide range of contaminant characteristics and a full line of accessories and options are available to improve system performance and simplify the installation.